charitable growth


In order for a not-for-profit to accept donations for which the donor can take a tax deduction, requires that the not-for-profit obtain and maintain a designation as a 501(c)(3).  This status is conferred by the Internal Revenue Service following successful filing and approval of an application.  In addition, most states and some municipalities require charities to register with either the Secretary of State or Attorney General prior to the solicitation of contributions.  Failure to obtain a 501(c)(3) or properly register can lead to fines, civil suits, and the revoking of a charity’s right to solicit contributions in the future.

Filing the 501(c)(3) application is complex.  Cypher & Cypher has a proven track record of assisting organizations with this process.  The state charitable registration process can also be complex as each state has different filing deadlines, fees and supporting documentation requirements.  Cypher & Cypher will manage the registration process from start to finish so that your staff can focus on program services, and not waste valuable time tracking ever changing requirements.