Performance Graph


Analyzing a company’s performance requires skilled professionals. Our accountants are trained to evaluate employees’ compliance with company protocol and professional efficiency. During a performance evaluation, an assessment is conducted of controls, daily procedures, company processes, division efficiency, meeting organization and communication. A customized report will be provided detailing recommendations to improve efficiency saving your company time and money.

It is imperative at times that an outside professional evaluate a firm’s functionality and operations to ensure that your business is operating at the highest level. At Cypher & Cypher, we assure a quality evaluation that includes:

  • A segregation of duties.
  • Transactions must be finalized by a person of authority.
  • Guarantee that records are processed correctly and without error.
  • Provide employees with job training that pertains to their specific responsibilities.
  • Ensure all business policies are recorded and stored in a public forum.
  • Conduct a formal review of firm goals and objectives to identity and minimize lost revenue and maximize productivity.

In most ideal situations, firms would be able to carry out this function in-house. Unfortunately, many businesses lack proper tools and protocol to conduct an evaluation of company mechanics with efficiency. Cypher & Cypher guarantees the best technology available to make sure your firm is running at peak performance.