Risk Management


Cypher & Cypher will develop a structured approach to manage the uncertainties associated with operating your business. Our knowledgeable accountants will take time to develop an individualized strategy to prevent threats related to your unique situation. In today’s challenging world, there is an increased risk of fraud, fabrication of documents, or dated control systems fail as technology advances. We can help your company answer the tough questions.

  • Are you protecting your assets?
  • Are you taking the correct measures to prevent fraud?
  • Do you have a structured self-assessment?
  • Are you successfully preventing employee fraud?
  • Do you have the correct insurance to protect the company from the unexpected?

Risk management is essential to any business, organization, or event in order to preserve the best possible results.  Cypher & Cypher has prided itself by stressing the point to always “Be Prepared.” Not being prepared to deal with crises and risk can result in poor financial performance, forfeited business opportunities, and ultimately, inaccurate financial representations.

Cypher & Cypher firmly believes that in order to guarantee your financial goals, a successful risk management plan must be developed in concordance with your long-term objectives to ensure stability. We can improve your risk management strategy by:

  • Provide information and counsel on decision-making
  • Analyze a business-wide view of potential risk
  • Minimize unwanted surprises
  • Quantify the cost-benefits and savings by participating in risk management
  • Contribute to long-term value creation and protection